Hi everyone ! I’m Anastasia, thank you for visiting my website. 


I am so grateful to be a part of the lash industry - I get to work with beautiful people and make them feel more beautiful and confident every single day. The best feeling in this world is to make another human smile and radiate joy. That smile gets me every time.


I have been getting my lashes done for the past 7 years with 2 mini breaks because I am obsessed and guess what? I still have lashes. I went to the same lash tech for 6 years until I moved downtown. I wake up and feel like I can conquer the world - I can actually say I woke up like this and not have to put a filter or makeup on! 


I want everyone to feel this way- your confidence will go from zero to a hundred real quick ;) And confidence? Is sexy. 


Yes, eyelash extensions are a luxury. They are pricy and there is maintenance involved. Just like you fill your nails. You will fill your lashes. This means time and money. I want my services to be available and affordable to all! With sets ranging from $100-150 and most completed within an hour, give or take (depending on the fullness, maximum 2 hours ) - YES! Fast, affordable and utter perfection every time! How you may ask? With a perfected masters technique and amazing quality lashes - I will have you out of here feeling like your best self in no time.


Time is precious - no need to spend 3 hours getting your lashes done! More exciting things to come!


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